[LAUNCH] Enter the World of … N-ter!

[LAUNCH] Enter the World of … N-ter!

This is the Launch Day of a 10 Day series on building N-ter, a place where you can manage your job applications online, from idea to launch. You can find the previous posts here:

[Day 0] Let’s Build an Online Startup in 10 Days
[Day 1] Creating a Value Proposition for Our Idea
[Day 2] Refining the Business Model and Naming the Baby
[Day 3] Designing the Product Using a Method from the Lean Startup
[Day 4] Establishing Our Website
[Day 5] Creating Our First Webpages
[Day 6] Developing Our First User Story
[Day 7] Technical | Interacting with Our Database
[Day 8] Technical | Fixing Code Errors and Moving Ahead
[Day 9] Starting to Tidy Up For the Launch


First of all thanks to all of you for the numerous positive messages and support throughout the past 9 days. I’m very happy to let you know that N-ter, the child of our 10 11 – day experiment, has launched and is now available for you guys to test.

With N-ter you can:

  • Keep track of all your job applications
  • Store important job details
  • Be notified of approaching application deadlines


But You’re A Day Late!!!

I know, I know… And I’ve got someone to blame: Mr. CSS. (Or my lack of skills handling him. But I’m slowly getting better at it.) Anyway, I hope you can overlook the fact that this challenge took 1 day longer than planned.


And What Now?

I invite you to visite the site at n-ter.co and check it out. I’d be really thankful if you could spare some of your time and provide feedback on your experience.

  • Did you like it? If not, why?
  • What functionality would you like to see in N-ter?
  • Is the tool something you would consider using?


The next couple of days I will spend on making improvements and adjustments to the site and tracking the progress. For instance, I didn’t get to implement affiliates yet, which we discussed in the day 1 and 2 posts. That will be one of the key activities for the next couple of days.


As promised, I will return in approximately 2 weeks with the final Day 10 post and let you know everything about the last 2 days of pre-launch N-ter, the launch, everything that happened afterwards and my thoughts and conclusions on the 11 Days of building N-ter.


Until then, feel free to sign up for the email-newsletter to be notified when the next post comes out!

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